The company ΜΙDIA TOURS was founded in 1973 and operates until today at the place it was initially established in
the city of Livadia, Viotia’s in Greece.              

The company has a branch office in the heart of Athens close to Syntagma Square (Plateia Syntagmatos). The offices in Athens are located at the entrance point into the city and very close to the main national highway which is a key location allowing us to have easy and immediate access to every point in Athens, with a parking area for our own buses, a company-owned gas station, our own bus repair shop and with plans to have our own mobile unit for repairs on the road.

In addition there is a branch office in Munich, Germany, a strategically located city in the heart of Europe, with an easy access to all major cities of the continent, such as Paris, Amsterdam, London, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Milan and Geneva can be reached very quickly by the national European highways.


Service around-the-clock in case of emergency
We continue to follow the wish and philosophy of the company Founder, Athanasios Liontos and emphasize on the warm, friendly personal human communication. Therefore there is a 24 hour personal contact line so that we are closer with our clients in making sure we meet their requirements in an emergency situation.

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