The company MIDIA TOURS supports the initiative Smart Move.

This is a world-wide movement for raising the public awareness about public transport with buses. It was initiated by a common effort by the IRU (International Road Transport Union) and Bus world which supports the doubling of the usage of buses and coaches for public transport as the safest, friendliest to the environment, easily accessible and user-friendly means of public movement for the mass transport of passengers.

Every day all over the world buses transport millions of people around the globe to different destinations with the lowest possible influence and damage to the environment.

Buses are very important for the safe, clean effective environment – friendly complete service provision of passenger transport. They offer the best solution for the challenges of transportation in the modern times of continuous movement. The placement of buses to the center of the political debate for the promotion of their usage is the best “market move” for the achievement of a sustainable mobility for everyone.

Smart Move has been approved by 85 partners worldwide, including some of the leading organizations of the world.  The vehicle manufacturers, the mass media, but also thousands of everyday users of buses as individual supporters share the values and support the target of this movement. You could be one of them too!

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