Midia Tours invests steadily in the applications of new technologies and solutions for the management and the operation of the company. Our travel buses and our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art telematics systems, which provide safety, the confirmation of the routes and the immediate on line information as to the location and speed of our buses to the different departments of our offices.

This information is accessible to all our employees and our clients. In the vehicles we have installed telematics devices, which send date in real-time a huge amount of information (current position, driving route, velocity etc.) to the special server installed in our offices. All data are collected and processed there and can be forwarded to all departments of MIDIA TOURS as well as to be forwarded to our clients through the Internet, according to their needs. Thanks to the above devices, Midia Tours is able to offer the following:

  • Actualized information about the current positions and state of vehicles
  • Confirmation of the planned routes and of the correct driving performance
  • A partial protection against theft
  • Detailed reports of any date with an enormous amount of relevant information
  • In case of complaints or doubts as to the provision of services, we can control in detail the corresponding circumstances and offer the due explanations
  • There is the option of providing special services, depending on the requirements and needs of the clients, such as e. g. during transport of school children to inform their parents immediately about the location of the bus and any deviation from the planned routes.

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