Smart Move
Technology and ecology
Information Technology

The company MIDIA TOURS supports the initiative Smart Move.

This is a world-wide movement for raising the public awareness about public transport with buses.

It was initiated by a common effort by the IRU (International Road Transport Union) and Bus world which supports the doubling of the usage of buses and coaches for public transport as the safest, friendliest to the environment, easily accessible and user-friendly means of public movement for the mass transport of passengers.

Every day, buses around the world transport millions of passengers to various destinations with the least impact on the environment as the emissions of a coach are only 32 grams of CO2 per person and per kilometre.

Buses are very important for the safe, clean effective environment – friendly complete service provision of passenger transport.

They offer the best solution for the challenges of transportation in the modern times of continuous movement.

Recently there has been an intense public and political debate on the promotion and use of Smart Move technology for buses.

Smart Move has been approved by 85 partners around the world, including:

the industry's leading organisation, vehicle manufacturers, the media, but also thousands of bus/coach users and individual supporters. All share its values and support the campaign's goal.

Environmental protection and limits to the emission of pollutants
Each of us can contribute to the protection of the environment and climate through our conscious actions.
Our company contributes to the reduction of CO2 and creates ecological awareness through the training of its staff for the proper ecological operation and use of its vehicles and with the continuous renewal of the fleet of buses with Euro 5-Euro 6 technology.
It is constantly developing and ecologically enriching its transport services so that more and more people consciously choose this type of transport.

Telematic systems

MIDIA TOURS is constantly investing in the application of modern technologies for the management and control of the company.

The buses and traffic controll offices have a high-tech telematics system, providing security, confirmation of movements and direct on-line information to both the company and its customers.

The vehicles are equipped with telematics devices that transmit in real time a large amount of data (current position, speed, etc.) to the company's special server.

All data is directly accessible to the traffic office and the other departments of MIDIA TOURS Group; depending on the needs, it can also be made available to customers via Internet.

Thanks to the above MIDIA TOURS Group can offer:

  • Information on the current position and status of the vehicle in question.

  • Confirmation of compliance with a pre-defined route and correct driving behaviour.

  • Partial anti-theft protection.

  • Detailed reports of any date with full information.

  • Detailed examination of the relevant conditions and clarification in case of complaints or doubts.

  • Possibility of specific information, for example during school transport, informing parents in case of time or geographical deviation from the planned route.

  • 5 – star services

Hold a meeting, organize your activity plan and make your decisions from your seat while enjoying your coffee or drink from our qualified staff.

Our conference buses have the largest side glass that can be fitted to a bus and combined with the panoramic glass roof all customers can enjoy the ride in the same way.

The spacing of the tiered seats offers maximum autonomy and comfort, while the removable footrests create a comfortable 22-degree bed chair.

They have advanced entertainment system with 3 LCD monitors 19" LCD monitors 19" speakers in each passenger seat and multi-channel audio system that you can select your favorite music.

Free Wi-Fi, 220V power outlets and USB.

Through the VGA and HCDM interfaces you can use your transfer time creatively connecting your computer to the bus screens. You can meet on the go, chat via video conference and, via WiFi, participate in your team's final decisions by voting.

ABA System

Among other things, our buses are equipped with the ActiveBrakeAssist (ABA) system that warns the driver when the predetermined distance from a vehicle ahead or from a stationary obstacle is dangerously reduced and an accident is imminent. In addition, the ABA system recognises pedestrians moving on the side of the bus.

If the driver does not react to the system's warning, a full braking procedure is initiated automatically.